Get Fit: At Work

Get Fit: At Work

One of the most common excuses for not getting in a good workout is, “I just don’t have time”. (Sound familiar?) The important thing to remember is that the essential basic need for us, as human beings, to workout is to get our bodies moving. Period. Despite the cultural perception that “working out” has to be a super-involved activity with dumbbells and stretchy pants, you can do a workout anywhere! To prove that point, here are a few little exercises that can be done…at work!

Go for a walk.exercises at work
Simple, right? So simple, most people overlook it as an option. Going for a 10 minute walk a few times a week can not only improve circulation, but it can improve your productivity. Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that will leave you feeling happier, and more relaxed.

exercises at workDo some ab clenches.
It doesn’t look like much, but hear me out! Scooch your chair back away from your desk and carefully slide your bum forward to the very edge of the seat. Sit up perfectly straight with your shoulders back, engaging your abdomen muscles. (You don’t even have to get up from your seat for this one, so go ahead— go about your business!) Pinpointing specific muscle stimulation can be really effective!

Do a round of non-floor push-upsdesk pushups.
You don’t have to get on the ground to get in a few good push-ups! Use the edge of a desk, table, even a sturdy bookshelf. With your hands shoulder width apart and arms straight, tighten your abs to keep your back in a straight line, from your shoulders down through your bum. Lower your body by bending your elbows, as low as you can without resting your chest on the desk/table, then press back up. Simple.

heavy liftingPick up some stuff.
When our water cooler goes empty, we call on Chris. (So we can take partial credit in his “at work” workout…) Lifting things is an obvious exercise— remember those dumbbells I mentioned? What’s the basic point of those? To lift them. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and, keeping your back straight, bend at the knees. Stand back up, pressing through your heels, using your thighs and bum muscles. The important thing to remember is keeping your back straight, through the whole movement. This is proper technique when lifting anything— water jugs, boxes, etc. But, honestly, you don’t necessarily need to lift anything to do an effective squat. Clasp your hands in front of your chest and follow the down-and-up squat motion. A few more of those babies and you’ll be feeling the burn!


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  • Dr Jason Diamond Reviews April 11, 2013 - 6:22 am Reply

    Helpful information to all people for health care and stay fit physically. Thanks for sharing.

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