Get Fit: Try a Fun Run!

Get Fit: Try a Fun Run!

Is “run a 5K” Bucket List material? It was for me, and I checked it off a few weeks ago!

I got a few friends together and we did The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet— which it was! It took me this long to do one because I was always intimidated by the idea of “professional” 5K-ers with their PowerBars and official Team Nike running shorts, blowing me off the trail. But this run is less about having a good mile time and more about just plain having a good time.the Color Run The Color Run was started back in 2012 and has been picking up in popularity, even being featured in Time Magazine’s article Fun Runs to Try Now!

Get Ready, Get Set…GO!

You get to the starting line dressed in white— this is their official Rule #1, not kidding— and throughout the trail there are “stations” with volunteers throwing cornstarch powder of various colors (so it’s all totally safe!). By the end of the run, everybody is all colored up— official Rule #2. With no stressful timers, The Color Run has open arms to anyone from 2 year olds to 80 year olds, families and co-workers, local clubs and organizations. It’s all about fun and positive energy!

It’s a traveling run, which means they ‘tour’ the country, visiting cities from Portland to Miami, Austin to the Twin Cities. Another really cool thing about this run is that it also focuses on giving back, choosing a local charity to partner with in each city they visit.

If you’re curious about The Color Run, visit their official page for more info and locations of upcoming events!

The Color Run (The green color-thrower got us good!)

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