Weight Gain? Why Parasites May Be To Blame

Weight Gain? Why Parasites May Be To Blame

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and haven’t reached your goal, parasites could be the explanation you’re looking for.

Parasites are in the news again. Cyclospora, a microscopic protozoa that’s been found in salads and wraps everywhere from McDonald’s to Trader Joe’s and Kroger, has caused a recent nationwide outbreak. Did you know studies show that metabolic syndrome, with its obesity and insulin resistance, can be induced by a protozoa infection? It’s true, and it could be causing your weight gain, too.

Parasites Are Not Uncommon

Parasites are not just a problem in countries with sanitation issues. Anyone, regardless of hygiene or economic status, can become infected. And it’s not just a few people – every state in our nation has experienced parasitic outbreaks, especially in day care centers and nursing homes.

For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there are currently more than 60 million people in the US chronically infected with the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, and cats are the main carriers of this disease. How many people do you know who have pet cats in their home?

Hidden Sources of Unwanted Hitchhikers

Parasites are brought to us from other countries through international travelers and recently deployed soldiers, exotic foods from all over the world, and polluted soils and water in our own country. Raw foods like salads and sushi are all the rage right now, but raw meats are breeding grounds for parasites and raw veggies and fruits must be washed properly to avoid parasitic contamination.

If you have pets in your home (especially in your bed) or animals you care for, go hiking or camping, swim in natural waters like ponds and rivers, drink unfiltered tap or well water, eat raw foods like sushi or salad bars, work in health care or veterinary care, had unprotected sex, garden, have been bitten by insects, or even been scratched by an animal, you have come in contact with parasites. A strong immune system quickly overcomes these foreign invaders, but digestive issues, medications that suppress the immune system, or antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria with the bad can tip the balance toward you becoming more easily infected.

How Parasites Are Making You Fat

We typically think of parasites as short-term infections causing fevers, fatigue, and diarrhea or other digestive upsets, but that’s not the whole truth. If you do get these symptoms from initial infection, the parasites persist even after the symptoms are gone. However, many people don’t get these symptoms or think they have the flu and just dismiss them.

Parasites are also responsible for a whole host of health problems, including weight gain. Once they set up camp inside our bodies, they consume our food and nutrients, produce toxic waste products, and given enough time will destroy our tissues and cells. Here are just 4 ways parasites can zap your energy and cause you to gain weight:

1. They Block Nutrient Absorption

Not only do parasites directly feed off of what you ate for dinner, they also inflame the membrane lining your digestive tract. This in turn blocks the absorption of vitamins, minerals, fats, and other nutrients known to balance hormones, stabilize blood sugars, and boost metabolism. Slower metabolism, higher blood sugars, and imbalanced hormones all lead to you packing on the pounds yet being nutrient-depleted.

2. They Promote Yeast Overgrowth

Parasites upset the delicate balance of your microbiome, the collection of microorganisms living inside your body that boost your immune system and help you digest and absorb nutrients. A change in even one strain of bacteria in your microbiome can lead to weight gain, according to recent research. Parasites change the internal environment to one that favors Candida yeast overgrowth and malabsorption of nutrients. Yeast cause fermentation and decay rather than digestion and absorption, so you are left with fatigue, gas, bloating, and pain. This overgrowth also triggers food allergies and intolerances, leading to unstable blood sugars, thyroid gland suppression, and weight gain.

3. They Make Your Organs Sluggish

Parasites give off toxins that cause the liver and kidneys to work hard to eliminate them. These organs then quickly bog down and become sluggish, leading to fatigue, bloating, irritability, and weight gain.

4. They Acidify Your Body

Parasites thrive in an acidic environment, and create it for themselves once inside your body. This abundance of acids can damage organs, break down muscles, and stress your nervous system causing a slowdown. Ironically, your body’s innate protection systems make the problem worse by moving the acid into fat cells and slowing your metabolic rate so more fat can be stored for these acids to go into. It’s your body’s way sequestering the acids so they can’t cause more harm, but it also makes weight loss a very hard uphill battle.

Choose Cleansing Herbs for Weight Loss Success

While there are drugs and medications that treat specific parasitic infections, there are ancient herbal combinations that have been used for centuries to treat a more broad spectrum of hidden hitchhikers that may be living so deep in your tissues they don’t show up on common stool tests. Natural herbs like black walnut, bromelain from pineapple, butternut, cranberry, pomegranate, grapefruit seed, cloves, slippery elm, and wormwood can combat parasites and other unwanted invaders.

Rather than going on a scavenger hunt to collect all these effective herbs, we’ve combined them all into My Colon Cleansing Kit. In just 30 days you can lose cellulite and stubborn belly fat and watch the pounds disappear when combined with our recommended diet protocol.

Some years back, our Colon Cleansing Kit was featured as the cover story in a major national magazine, First for Women. The article highlighted incredible weight loss stories from women who lost upwards of 100 lbs, simply by addressing their parasite issues.

One of those was Catherine Z. She knew her size made her look older, but she struggled to keep the weight off, no matter what she tried. She told the magazine, “I was going to give up, despite having diabetes, but then I met Ann Louise Gittleman. We talked about parasites, and I was intrigued because it was different. I knew diets weren’t working, maybe this would.” It did! Within 2 weeks of starting the cleanse, she lost 22 pounds! After 9 months of detox and changing eating habits, she was happily down a total of 85 pounds! Catherine was so pleased at how often she was told she looked younger, telling her interviewer, “I have so much energy and incredibly, I’m no longer diabetic!”

Georgia C. was tired of battling her weight and feeling self-conscious in public. She decided to try My Colon Cleansing Kit. “I was skeptical, but the pounds started to fall off – 30 in the first month!” She lost her cravings for starchy carbs and her energy levels soared. After losing 65 pounds in only 4 months, she’s no longer afraid to go out, and even joined her daughters on their next shopping trip to the Mall. “A saleswoman even asked if we were sisters!”

Shelly T. struggled to squat and open her office safe. Her knees soon gave way and she found herself with her butt on the floor. As a thriving business owner, she should have been enjoying her success. “But I felt more like Jabba the Hutt than Bill Gates! I hated what I saw in the mirror.” Her husband, who had been following Ann Louise Gittleman’s detox program with My Colon Cleansing Kit, told her about parasites. She was skeptical but decided to try it. Her energy skyrocketed. “Within two weeks I lost 18 pounds! I even put a happy sticker on that safe to celebrate how far I’ve come. Bill Gates, look out!” She’s lost a total of 57 pounds.

Lisa S. shared her wonderful results: “I am on my 4th week of the colon cleanse and I cannot even say enough good things! I feel fantastic, my cellulite and my belly are disappearing and honestly it has not been hard. I think of it as this, FF is like having the right tool at the right time. If you use it correctly it works like a champ but in order for it to work you need to actually pick it up and use it! Like the saying we all have heard with those workout programs…. push play!! Well I was “completely ready” to finally push play and stick to it no matter what! My determination level was at its peak and I wanted to make the lifestyle change and get back to feeling good again. I am 58 and haven’t felt this great in a lot of years!! JUST DO IT!! You will honestly be happy you did. And then we must stick with it and not go back to our old ways that caused all the trouble in the first place!!! I love this program and totally appreciate all the support from all of you and the author ALG!!! Thanks to everyone always!!

Are you ready to lose weight and feel great? Then it’s time to get cleansing!

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    I had no idea about this parasite making it hard to lose weight. I eat a lot of salads too. Thanks for the heads up on this.

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