Q & A with the UNI KEY Team: January 2013

Q & A with the UNI KEY Team: January 2013

Happy New Year!

supplement questionsThis January marks our 21st year in business. After conquering my own personal battle with Stage IV cancer, I started UNI KEY based on my life’s passion for helping others take control of their health. After all these years and the many facets of our company, I am still most inspired by personally helping and motivating our customers on the path to wellness.

I share this passion with our entire UNI KEY team who are always available to assist you with your questions or concerns. You can always give our Wellness Consultants a call at 800-888-4353, send an email to customerservice@unikeyhealth.com or sign up for a free Wellness Consultation. In addition, we’ll be answering some of your questions here on our blog – here are a couple from Dianne and Rita:

“I’ve been noticing my hair is graying and becoming brittle, and my nails break easily and grow slowly. Do you know of anything I can take internally to improve my hair and nails?”

Dianne J.

As a matter of fact, we have many customers who have seen great improvements in their hair and nails, and who have even had their hair turn back to its natural color after taking Ultra H-3 (60 tablets, 30-day supply). It’s a patented procaine HCl supplement derived from two natural vitamin-like compounds, PABA and DEAE, and is based on the original GH3 anti-aging formula developed by Romanian cardiologist Dr. Ana Aslan over 60 years ago. While everyone’s results are different, I would encourage you to give it a try and see the results for yourself.

“I was doing great on my diet until the holidays rolled around and I let myself overindulge on too many sugary treats! Now, it’s a daily battle against my sweet tooth – how can I get back on track?”

Rita T.

You are definitely not alone – we hear this from so many customers everyday, and what our nutritional team finds is that these out-of-control sugar cravings are often a result of yeast/Candida overgrowth. There’s a delicate balance in the GI tract, and when you overdo it on the sugar, Candida can become a highly aggressive fungus. In order to get back on track, most people find a cleanse helpful – the best solution seems to be a combination of a sugar-free diet and a homeopathic yeast/Candida detox formula like Y-C Cleanse (4 oz., 24-day supply).

To submit your question for our column, send an email to marketing@unikeyhealth.com.


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