Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 9

Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 9

Shakedown blogs2We’re over the halfway mark— and doesn’t it feel good??

Today when I was getting ready to make our lunch smoothie, I asked what everybody wanted. Chris’s voice from the other room answered, “Something filling!”. (As if I’d jip him on the good stuff?!) That’s when I realized we haven’t even talked about the importance of flaxseed oil and chia seeds in our smoothies! Ah!

Two Things That Make a Difference

Flaxseed Oil

So let’s talk flax— oil, that is. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until I started working for UNI KEY that I’d even heard of the stuff. But the more I started researching it and reading the health benefits, the more I started to realize what a really incredible “healthy living” tool flax oil is! It’s a super source for omega-3’s (called essential fatty acids, because our bodies don’t make them. We have to get them elsewhere, ie. diet). And an omega-3 deficiency can lead to weight gain in three possible ways:

1. your metabolism slows down so you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning off
2. the “I’m full” message isn’t getting to your brain fast enough so you keep eating well passed your limit
3. you don’t stay full so you’re eating more.

Another cool thing the omega-3’s in flaxseed oil are known for? Boosting seratonin levels in your brain! (Hello, happy-hormone!) The way we like to have our flaxseed oil is in our smoothies. I blend the water, protein powder, and fruit for a minute to get it all nice and broken up, then I stream in the flaxoil (with the blender running) to make sure it gets thoroughly incorporated. We also like it on our veggies and as a really scrumptious salad dressing.

Chia Seeds

Now what about those little seeds? I know what you’re thinking— “Are we talking Chia Pet here?” Yes! Who knew those ridiculous little shrubs-that-look-like-Uncle Stan’s-toupee would soon be uncovered as such a healthy rockstar?! They have 2 times more protein than any other seed or grain and are an amazing source of antioxidants, iron, and calcium! (Just to name a few familiar perks.) Chia seeds are also a great source for fiber, which helps to stabilize blood sugar (even blood sugar levels = sustained energy) and helps keep everything…moving regularly. I like to add a scoop to our smoothies right before I turn off the blender. This way they get mixed in, but not pulverized. (I love their little seedy texture!)

So when Chris said he needed something especially filling, I knew what had to be done. I was sure to give it the ol’ Chia-Flax tag team! The two of them together really does add to the satiety factor— keeping you fuller, longer.

How’s Day 9 Going For Everyone?

Carol: “Now that the initial shock of last week has worn off, the Shakedown procedure now feels “safe” and comfortable! While I’m doing the modified plan now, I find myself completely content with the idea of just having a smoothie for lunch and only needing a small snack between meals. In fact, today I had an appointment at lunch and I really enjoyed the convenience of not having to stop and pick up lunch somewhere, or figure out what I felt like having. And the best thing is, this is not something that has to end. I can always have a “Shakedown day” anytime I feel like I’ve overdone it that week, or like today, when I just don’t have time to worry about meals.”

Chris: “I am still sticking with the plan really well. Seems like hunger is a little less of an issue this week, for whatever reason. Although with the cold weather, I have been craving some SS-illegal comfort foods. I am very close to reaching my goal so I just keep focused on that!”

Emily: “I am smooth sailing! I was hoping the Shakedown would make me a better snacker, but I find myself forgetting to snack between smoothies. I noticed on days that I do not snack as much, I find my cravings increase. It’s helpful to have a planned out dinner on those days so that I can just go home and cook it without having to worry about going to the store or getting tempted into eating something unhealthy to curb my appetite. My goal is to start focusing more on snacking because I think it’s very beneficial, whether you are on the Shakedown or not.”

Kelley: “I am feeling pretty darn good on Day 9! I have to admit, I’m pretty excited we’re over the halfway mark. But, then I think about my success so far and can’t help but smile…and genuinely want to continue. Let’s see what else I can do with the 5 days left!!”

And as for me…I’m officially addicted to the body protein smoothies. The jig is up. We have smoothies everyday for breakfast even when we’re not shakin’, sure. But when I was laying in bed last night, you know what popped into my head? “Man, I really could go for a smoothie right now.” That seems crazy, right?! (But I guess there are worse things I could have a hankerin’ for.) We had classic strawberry for lunch and it was just what the doctor ordered! I think I’m addicted to the “clean” full feeling I have after I finish my smoothie. I feel full and satisfied, but not the gross full. (You know what I’m talking about.)

PS. I just wanna throw out a really great resource if you’re shakin’ along with us (or just wanna check it out) is the Forum! The gals over there are all veteran Shakers, and all they’re doing is chatting, swapping recipes, giving advice…whatever you have on your mind! So put on your slippers n join in! It’s a safe place to go and not feel embarrassed or afraid to ask something. We’d love to see you there!

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Comments (5)

  • Leslie Jensen January 16, 2013 - 5:09 pm Reply

    WTG! Ya’ll are doing awesome. Thanks for keeping us informed and motivated!

    • Lianne January 16, 2013 - 5:15 pm Reply

      Yay! Thanks, Leslie!! Glad to have your company, too! 🙂

  • cheryl January 16, 2013 - 6:26 pm Reply

    Yes! Lovin it! So proud of y’all. <3

    • Lianne January 16, 2013 - 10:35 pm Reply

      Thanks, Cheryl!! 🙂

  • Kristen January 17, 2013 - 3:31 pm Reply

    Thanks for explaining the flaxseed oil! I knew about the chia seeds – since they are all the rage right now- but I wasn’t quite sure what the specific benefits were for adding the oil. I had no idea it was so rich in Omega 3s! As an individual who doesn’t eat seafood -or anything that swims- it’s something I struggle to include in my diet. SS makes it easy! No more fish oil for me 🙂

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