Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 5

Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 5

Shakedown blogs2It’s Friday! (And thank goodness.) We’re all headed home for the weekend, released on our own recognizance, if you will. Promising to return on Monday without having taken part in any Shakedown-illegal activities.

Challenges Ahead

Weekends bring all kinds of challenges because it’s a whole new set of circumstances. Some people are home-bodies on the weekend, so it’s easy to snack on non-approved goodies. Some people are always on-the-go on weekends, making it hard to stick to the established smoothie/snack schedule. You’re also around different people. While your work people have, by now, gotten the picture and have stopped inviting you for enchiladas at lunch, your family and friends haven’t had the same adjustment time. Kinda feels like Day 1 a little bit. Your will-power is tested, you have to figure out how to carve in smoothie time.

The Good News?

We already survived Day 1— we can sure do it again! The rules haven’t changed, so the same strategies can be applied. When I hear those Fritos from yesterday’s showdown calling my name, it’s time to get outside and go for a walk. Or go find frames for all the pictures I took over the holidays. I’m gonna have my pre-cut veggies ready to go too. That makes munching so much more appealing when the work is already done, right?

The Shakedown protocol doesn’t encourage “daily weigh-ins” because checking every day can drive you crazy. That’s giving the scale more power than how you’re feeling. That’s kind of important too, right? But if we weigh in and don’t see the number we want, it can be discouraging. “So what if my body feels good, and my skinny jeans fit? I only lost 1 pound.” It’s a natural reaction with the emphasis society has put on weight nowadays. Plus, our bodies are all different. Some people’s system will let go of sludge easier, and sooner, than others. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t ruin your mental momentum! Optimism, baby!

Day 5 Thoughts

Carol (3 pounds down): “I feel pretty good about my progress this week. I’m getting married in less than three months, so I am using this round of the Shakedown as a jumpstart to get in wedding shape! Not only have I lost 3 pounds, which feels amazing, but I have also nipped some bad habits in the bud— especially my after-work/pre-dinner snacking. I generally eat a pretty healthy diet and have stayed within the same 5 pound range over the last few years, but there are definitely some areas that I need to reign in on— especially with portion control and carbs— if I want to truly look and feel my best for my big day! So far the Shakedown has given me just the focus and motivation I need to feel empowered and ready to take 2013, healthier than ever!”

Chris (6 pounds down): “I think my weight loss has been right on par with what I expected. If the pace I have been on keeps up, I should end up right where I wanted to be. It will put me under the 190 lbs range for the first time in…well, a long time! The lettuce wraps we had today were a nice change-up. Even though I was eating some of the same foods, mixing it up into a new “package” made it seem like I was having something new. Now the weekend test is at hand. The girls in the office have kept me in line all week, but now I have to venture out on my own.”

Emily (4 pounds down): “My progress thus far has been relatively good. I don’t feel like I look or feel lighter but based on the scale, I am. I feel energized and healthy! I’m still having cravings for sugar, but I am hoping this will alleviate any cravings I have in the future and help guide me to choose other healthy “sweet” options as opposed to unhealthy ones. I look forward to continued success and can’t wait to see more results!”

Kelley (3 pounds down): “Today went pretty well. I was nausea-free and had lots of energy! I did, however, find myself missing meals and began to crave some of my favorite restaurants. When this happened, I got up and started doing things around the house. My mind got off the food topic quickly and onto home improvement ideas…much more productive! It is comforting knowing that it is as simple as getting up and doing something to take my mind off even the strongest of cravings!”

And as for me…I haven’t lost much weight (.6 of a pound, to be precise). As an avid runner and someone blessed with quick metabolism— God bless my mom— I don’t have much room to lose. That’s the awesome thing about the Shakedown! It’s not just for weight loss; I’m using it as a tool to detox my system after all those dang holiday treats (I’m a sucker for a good pie, not gonna lie). But my body feels…clean, for lack of a better word. And I am loving it! I’m considering the Shakedown “spring cleaning”…for my body….in the winter. Oh, you know what I mean!

If you’ve been Shakin’ along with us, we’d love to hear your progress report! It can be pounds lost, pants fitting better, playing with the kids, better sleep…or however else the Shakedown has impacted your life so far!

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  • Kathy January 14, 2013 - 5:31 pm Reply

    Can I get a “woot woot”! I lost 7 pounds in the first week of SS. I was thinking, oh well, I don’t know if I want to continue this for another week. That is, until my daughter saw me in my dress last night and asked “Mommy are you sucking your tummy in?” NO I WAS NOT!!! To top that off, my pants actually fit when I buttoned them this morning. You bet I’m doing another week!

    • Lianne January 14, 2013 - 7:18 pm Reply

      Woot woot, Kathy! 7 lbs in a week is fantastic!! (Plus the whole looking-like-you’re-sucking-in thing…and the pants-buttoning-without-trouble thing) 😉 Keep going- you got this!

  • Roxie January 14, 2013 - 8:58 pm Reply

    Hi! Today is Day 8 and I haven’t lost a single pound or inch. Anyone else in the same boat? I’m pretty frustrated and depressed at spending hundreds of dollars on this product, not to mention the discipline it’s taken to follow the Shakedown each day. Someone encourage me, please!

  • Carol January 14, 2013 - 11:03 pm Reply

    Hang in there Roxie! If you’re following the planning exactly, it sounds like there may be an underlying issue interfering with your weight loss. Sometimes certain factors like hormones can play a role. We would really recommend that you give our Wellness Consultants a call so that they can give you more personalized support and guidance – the number is 800-888-4353. You can also join us all over on the forum at for free support during the Shakedown or Fat Flush programs!

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