Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 10

Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 10

Shakedown blogs2We’re into the double-digits now, baby! Day 10 and it’s all downhill from here! By now the “rules” are becoming second nature, right? We’re feeling comfortable with the daily process and the idea behind it.

When you really start to feel comfortable is when you can have some fun, and start to make it your own (within reason). Kinda like driving a car— sure, when you’re trying to pass a driving test, your hands are at a crisp 10 and 2, your seat back is up straight, the angle of your rearview mirror was measured with a protractor…yada, yada, yada. But after having your license awhile, you start to do your own thing (again, within reason).

Apply It To Real Life

You know the approved food list by now. Experiment with a recipe! Know a recipe you like that isn’t exactly Shakedown-friendly? Make some slight modifications! Finding that you’re pretty hungry during the day? Have your meal at lunchtime! It’s not a strict rulebook you’re going to follow for the rest of your life— let’s be honest, nobody is gonna go forever without having a naughty dessert every now n then. (But at least hold off while you’re on the Shakedown. Don’t get creative with that rule— that one’s kind of a biggie. It’s the Stop sign you still can’t run. Hey, it’s only 2 weeks…You can do it, I promise!)

What’s New on Day 10?

Carol: “So far so good today! I’m feeling good energy wise— I haven’t felt an urgent need to snack much today! One thing this experience has taught me is how much mindless snacking I do when I’m not actually even hungry. (So, kudos to the Shakedown for nipping that in the bud!) Also, I have my first wedding dress fitting today, so I’m excited to see how my dedication has paid off! In the meantime, lost of cran-water to keep flushing…I still have a few hours to make sure I’m totally dress-ready!”

Chris: “Today I changed up my routine some and had my daily (non-smoothie) meal for lunch instead of dinner. I am a little worried that I will get hungry later this evening. I admit I am a night owl of sorts, and one thing I know I do too much of is snack in the evening. So far during the Shakedown this hasn’t happened once…Yeah! However, I have a feeling tonight will be a test for me. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I held up against the —quite possible— snack attack.”

Emily: “Since it was super cold last night, I decided what better way to warm up than with some chili. White Chicken Chili, to be exact. There was only one problem— the recipe calls for beans and beans are not Shakedown-friendly. But the beans are what make the chili…so I made an executive decision and added them to the pot. (I’ve been really super good so far!) So, there is it. I guess technically I cheated a bit. But now I have leftovers and can save a few bucks the rest of the week! Yay!”

Kelley: “It keeps getting easier and easier to drive past my favorite restaurants and avoid going in for a bite. My cravings are so much smaller than when I first started— I’m thrilled!! I’m finding that not only have I dropped pounds (quickly), the program has changed my mindset and has gotten me on a more health-conscious path. I know once I finish the Shakedown, I’ll go for the apple instead of a cookie for snack. (Not all the time…but much more often than before!) I find myself being more interested in the healthy recipes I come across online, rather than the ones ridiculously smothered in cheese. And that’s saying something because that used to be one of my favorite things ever!”

And as for me…I agree with what everyone has said about today. (Dang it— I should have written mine before I read theirs! Now all I can think about is chili…) I’ll be honest, I’m still getting hungry in the afternoons. I guess that’s just the way my body is programmed. It’s not a bad thing— kind of embarrassing when my tummy is growling it’s 2-cents in the middle of a meeting though. But now I know the foods I should snack on to give it the fuel it’s trying to ‘ask’ for. And that’s a good feeling! Makes me feel in control, and content with my abilities to maintain a healthy snack habit.

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