Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 14 (Final Check-In)

Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 14 (Final Check-In)

Shakedown blogs2Everyday for 2 weeks, we made a very deliberate and conscious effort of what we were putting into our bodies. We followed every Shakedown rule; from the morning smoothies to well-rounded dinners, and healthy nibbles in between— I would say we were very successful! There was poundage lost (woohoo!), but without even considering them as a factor, I’d still say we were successful because of how GOOD everyone feels! (Getting the junk out sure makes alot of room for the good stuff!)

For the final check-in, I asked the peeps to finish the same sentence. Here’s what they said:

“1 thing I will continue now that we’re done with the Shakedown is…”

Carol: “…still have a lunch smoothie a couple times a week to stay on track, and watch my portion size! I’ve done the Shakedown before, and it always is a good way to snap me out of any bad habits I’ve been picking up. I feel like I started year off on the right foot— out with the old, in with the new!”

Chris: “…at least 1 smoothie a day, as well as sticking with the approved snacks. I would also like to continue drinking more water. I haven’t always been good about getting the amount of water I need, but I feel like I have a better handle on it after doing the Shakedown. I was very pleased with my results! I lost 12 lbs and it was the perfect jumpstart for the new year. I do look forward to starting my workout routine again, so I’ll be increasing my daily intake, but you can take many of the principles of the Shakedown and apply them to everyday eating habits. If I have a smoothie for breakfast and a healthy lunch and dinner most days, I feel like I can keep the weight off! One resolution down, on to the next ones on the list— running a 5K in a respectable amount of time and a greater focus on strength training.”

Emily: “…continuing to make a conscious effort for healthy choices in my eating habits. I’m glad the Shakedown is over, to be honest. 2 weeks is just the right amount of time, in my opinion, to fully detox and cleanse. More time would be doable, but I think I would end up withering away. (I lost a little over 5 pounds!) I look forward to making healthy meal choices in place of that lunch smoothie. I do still plan on having smoothies for breakfast, but I prefer to have lean protein and veggies for lunch.”

Kelley: “…daily smoothies! They are so convenient for when you’re in a hurry, or have things going on. (Plus they’re yummy, so that’s definitely a plus!) Doing the Shakedown has really prepared me to make better food decisions on a daily basis and provided me with delicious recipes (lettuce wraps!) that I will continue to make, for sure!”

And as for me…SNACKS! (The first thing that came to mind, imagine that.) I’m a snacker, I’ve always been a snacker, I will always be a snacker. But the Shakedown really made me see that snacking is ok, if you pay attention to what the snack is! And healthy snacks can often be more satisfying than the not-so-healthy ones. Healthy snacks are also much better for my mentality because I don’t have to worry about packing my bags for the self induced guilt-trip that inevitably follows the not-so-healthy snack.

I know some of you were shakin’ along with us…What’s your story? How’d you do?

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