3 Practical Steps to Fight Stress & Soothe Anxiety

3 Practical Steps to Fight Stress & Soothe Anxiety

When telling yourself to “calm down” just won’t cut it.

Today, April 5th, is designated as International Calm Day. So, if you struggle with anxiety, irritability, mood swings and/or panic attacks, then today is a good time to push the “pause button” and reset your response to stress.

Many of us are so overwhelmed, plugged in, and on-the-go that the typical answer to the question, “How are you?” is often “Busy.”

But “Busy” is not, or should not, be a state of being. And yet technology, social pressures, and other factors in our lives encourage us to move at warp speed.  This leads us to feel increasingly impatient and often stressed out.

Unfortunately we also wind up being accustomed to this level of overload and perceive it as a normal state of being.

How Much Stress is Too Much?

The deeper issue is that feeling stressed out or accepting high levels of stress is not only not normal, it often leads to worsening health. Our bodies are not designed to handle continual stress and the ongoing pressure of remaining in a state of high alert can have a very negative impact on our system.

It’s important to note that stress is not just an emotional state of being. Physical stress can also play a role in adding to our total body burden. Excessive exercise, physiological changes such as pregnancy, and illness can also cause stress.

1. Support Your Adrenals to Manage Stress & Anxiety

When we are under stress, our adrenal glands respond by pushing cortisol. Extended exposure then has an impact on our body causing a loss of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium.  At the same time there can be an accumulation of other minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, and sodium.

All of this combines to shut down digestion. We can reabsorb potassium, sodium, and phosphorus causing our blood pressure to go up which increases stress and we find ourselves in a vicious cycle. That’s why Adrenal Formula, which supports healthy adrenal function is a godsend for so many stressed out individuals.

2. Alleviate Anxiety with Micronutrients

Our mineral status is highly important for both our physical and mental wellbeing. Calcium and magnesium are calming minerals, supportive against stress.  That they also support bones, heart health, sleep, and gut function makes them helpful for balanced living.

Paying attention to our micronutrient needs, recognizing when we are overloaded and need to simply take a breather, and supporting our body needs with clean foods, water, and other holistic strategies can help us recenter and revitalize our lives. Known as the “calming mineral,” supplementing with the right forms of magnesium like magnesium glycinate can be especially helpful to relax the mind.

3. Make a Commitment to Calm with this Anxiety-Soothing App

Check out the Calm App (for iTunes and Android) and make a commitment to let go of some of the stress and “busy” ness in your life! Download their free 7 Days of Calming Anxiety app, take a deep breath, refocus, and redirect your efforts towards taking care of you.

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