Meet My Favorite Duo for Sinus Relief

Meet My Favorite Duo for Sinus Relief

An estimated 37 million Americans are affected by sinus issues every year. How do we find relief?

I’ve had chronic sinus issues for years. (And it doesn’t help that I have animals, I know, but they’re family so they are sticking around for as long as possible!) Talking through my plugged nose was a real pain— for me and for my customers. I tried everything I could think of to get relief, including several nasal sprays (cayenne and oregano). I read everything I could find and asked everyone I knew. My weekends would be consumed with doing research but nothing proved effective.

Finally, I caved and went to the doctor for antibiotics. Being on those antibiotics really messed me up. They change the bacterial balance in our bodies because they kill every bacteria— good or bad— usually causing lack of energy, constipation, mental fog, and even yeast infections. I thought it would be worth a try, but the antibiotics only brought on more health issues and I knew I needed a change.

Immediate Relief

I started with the Y-C Cleanse to get rid of the candida, first. I could feel a difference and noticed I was going to the doctor much less. I used to visit the doc a few times a year and even missed work on occasion. Since starting the Y-C Cleanse, I only visit the doctor twice a year!

I soon added a probiotic, Flora-Key, to my daily routine. (Probiotics are good bacteria that colonize and help maintain that balance I mentioned earlier.) Using a neti pot, I mix saltwater, Flora-Key, baking soda, and a pinch of xylitol. It really helps relieve the sinus pain I was so accustomed to! I couldn’t believe it! It also provides other health benefits— improving digestion and immune function, plus Flora-Key has helped keep my oral yeast under control. I developed the yeast from using a steroid spray that helped with my asthma, and I remember the dentist giving me another spray to eliminate the candida in my mouth. It, literally, made me sick! My daily use of Y-C Cleanse and Flora-Key brought instant relief, and was a very welcome natural alternative.

It’s amazing how the functions of our bodies are connected! It was a challenging journey to find the natural relief I needed, but I’m so glad— and proud— that we have unique products available for people like me. My magic duo: Y-C Cleanse and Flora-Key!

If you have any questions, or think these products can help you, give us a call at 800-888-4353.


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  • Peter November 21, 2013 - 4:11 pm Reply

    I didn’t realize probiotics could help with sinus problems. Thanks for the info!

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